Bo Ahlbertz – Country & Americana

Living in the midst of the Baltic Sea, Bo Ahlbertz have found space for the soul and the creating of music.
For now he is working with two versions of Lazy Afternoon (featuring Bo Ahlbertz). One in Gotland and one in Stockholm

On the upcoming record (released in October) Jacob Ringbom writes:

“The record is also a photoalbum of life, and Bo’s photos are set to music, with lyrics and compositions that in a clear and unpretentious way gives us an insight into Bo Ahlbertz, the artist. It is a piece of art, and to borrow from clichés (after all life is full of them so let’s be honest and use them) Bo does not paint, he takes snapshots of life events, he describes them, let’s us know them, and encourages us to join, be it in sorrow, hope, or happiness.”

“Bo musical journey began about 1975, which means he will soon be celebrating 40 years as a musical artist. From the music scene in Stockholm, Bo shortly made his way to Gotland together with the folk band Patrask that played Swedish folk-pop with Irish influences. After Patrask became increasingly distant he continued to produce and write music solo, but always with the same accurate camera angle. The snapshots became more and more personal. I was given the opportunity to work with Bo during the recording of the single ”Annelie”. This is where I understood that he has had a long life in music with the roots in folk blues. Bo dares, and succeeds, in making an album influenced with various styles, but he always manages to nail his songs be inspired from americana, country or even irish music.”